USB LED Studio Ring Light



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Lights, Camera, Action

Studio Ring Lights are used to provide focus and depth to the objects in its path. Usually large and clunky in size and mains operated but introducing... our USB LED Studio Ring Light. That's right, USB powered.

This item is ultra-modern, extremely versatile and even has a dimmable LED ring. In a sleek black finish on a slim and adjustable tripod, not only will you be able to take amazing product photography in virtually any location, you'll look cool doing it too. 

  • USB powered
  • Dimmable LED ring with switch
  • Portable and adjustable tripod
  • Multiple uses; product photography, portraits, interior lamp, YouTube vlogging

This lamp can double up as an interior decoration too, which goes beyond its functional purpose.

Outer Diameter: 16 cm

Total Power: 5W

Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K

Dimmable: YES

Dimming range: 1%-100%

Max Height: 124cm

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