Portable USB Doughut Diffuser

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    You can't get more portable than this!

    Have you ever just wished you could take your favourite oil diffuser anywhere with you? Well now you can.

    Portable and Stylish

    This nifty and stylish doughnut-shaped oil diffuser is small enough to fit in our pocket or handbag as you head out the home. Take it with you to your workplace, neighbours or even in your car.

    Innovative Application

    Unlike most oil diffusers, this doesn't come with its own container. Instead, it's innovative design means you literally place it in any container you can find! Add some water and your favourite scents and you're good to go.


    Useful Information

    Noise: <36db
    Application: <10㎡
    Certification: RoHS, CE
    Power Type: USB
    Mist Output (gallon / day): 25-30ML/H
    Timing Function: Yes
    Humidifying Capacity: 30ml/h
    Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
    Power (W): 1.5-2W
    Voltage (V): DC 5V

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