Mini-tapestry hanging planter



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Sold separately from our best selling 4 pack of hanging basketsThe Mini-tapestry plant hanger is probably the most unique of the four.


  • Crafted from 100% Cotton a durable and sustainable material, which means you will not need to keep replacing tired and weak hangers
  • Safe from pets and children so no more breakages or soil all over the floor
  • Perfect for plant pots between 5" - 10" in diameter
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use. These sturdy pot holders are ready to hang by your bay window, patio door, curtain rod, in your home or on your porch. 

Color: Beige/Off White

** Plants and pots not supplied. Slight variations in colour and appearance may occur due to the nature of craftsmanship of this handmade product. **

Plant Hanger  Length (inches)


Want all four hanging planters? 

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