Mandala Yoga Mat & Towel

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    In the world of Yoga Mats, there are those that are plain and simple, and then there are those that are winning competitions. We certainly have the latter here; our Mandala Yoga Mat is designed to represent the exact definition of attraction; evokes interest, liking, or desire. The Mandala style is usually unconventional and unruly, making this Yoga Mat a firm talking point at any practice or studio chat.


    • Acting as either a Yoga Mat or Towel, at home or outdoors, they're so practical for everyday life
    • Superior material featuring anti-bacterial action, corrosion resistant Polyester
    • Large in size, stretching out at 145 cm wide, this truly is versatile for any occasion
    • Perfect for anyone looking to connect with their inner mind, relieving inner stress and providing a warming sanctuary in any home 

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