Knotted Macrame Plant Hanger



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This is the Macrame Plant Hanger you've been searching for!

Knotted Macrame plant holders are trending right now. If you love Botany and creating your own indoor gardens, these flowerpot hangers are a must have for any contemporary home.

  • Perfect choice for a newbie to Macrame plant hanging
  • Ideal for indoor gardens
  • Safe from pets and children
  • In a range of knotted styles

Made from Cotten and Linen material, these knotted ropes beautifully support your treasured flower pots - or should we say - floral masterpieces.

With 6 different variations to choose from, we're certain there's a style for with your name on it.

The rope descends from the ceiling and is varying in length, with space reserved for your basket or plant pot. Despite the bold statement made by this hanger, this item can blend into a variety of environments and atmospheres. 

Flowerpots not supplied.

Material: Cotton Linen

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