Eco Bamboo Fiber Toothbrush Holder

Color: Beige
Capacity: 330ml

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Don't you hate it when even the most basic of your household products aren't built sustainably? Think about it for a second, how many basic household items can you list that are built entirely from eco-friendly materials? None, no doubt. Well...we've solved that problem with our eco bamboo fiber toothbrush holders, we've got to start somewhere, hey.


  • With a selection of 4 pastel colours to choose from, these are suitable for any bathroom decor
  • Constructed entirely from bamboo fiber making the toothbrush holders eco-friendly
  • Measuring 8.2cm x 10.9cm (300ml) the brief and fashionable design can even be doubled up as a highly efficient drinking cup 
  • Certification: CIQ,FDA


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