Cactus USB Essential Oil Diffuser

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    Be careful, this diffuser is packing quite the punch!

    Minimalist yet beautifully crafted, our mini Cactus USB Oil Diffuser is causing a stir in the diffuser community. With its simple white surrounds that shine brightly when operated, and its quietly operating humidifier is going to sink you into a deep relaxation without you or your guests knowing!

    Perfect for a home Yoga studio or your bedside table, our USB powered diffuser can literally be turned on from anywhere with a connection. 

    With a large 280ml capacity and 1.5 - 2W power, your favourite scents will fill any sized room. Heck, even put some Cactus scented oil in there... ;)

    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Humidity Control: Manual
    Timing Function: Yes
    Capacity: 220ML
    Power (W): 1.5-2W
    Voltage (V): DC 5V


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