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Plant hangers are so on-trend but they can be difficult to make yourself. Save time, money, and your sanity with our handcrafted Macramé hanging baskets (set of 4). The set of 4 in various styles is mare from 100% Cotton a durable material to securely suspend your potted plants above ground. Great for herbs, succulents, vine plants, and more, the Hanging Planters mount to your wall or ceiling and adds functionality to your window by turning it into space for your seedlings, they're guaranteed to be a unique feature for any home, office or outdoor space So you can focus on what really matters, creating your very own urban jungle and plant parenthood 🌱

  • Display In Any Indoor Or Outdoor Space: These sturdy pot holders are ready to hang by your bay window, patio door, curtain rod, in your home or on your porch - without taking up space on the window sill.

  • Display At Different Lengths: Fully customise the placement of each hanging planter so that they're styled together or scattered throughout a home

  • Holds Standard Size Pots: Our hanging planters fit standard 5-inch to 10-inch diameter pots; so, there’s no need for re-potting.

  • Easy Mounting: The Macramé hanging planters fits any standard 24-inch window, and can be ceiling or wall-mounted; ideal for herbs, succulents, vines and more
    • Additional Information 

      Plant Hanger  Length (inches) Sold separately
      Beaded 35" -
      Classic 41" Classic hanging planter
      Mini Tapestry 46" Mini-tapestry hanging planter
      Double 67" -

       Beige/Off White

      ** Plants and pots not supplied. Slight variations in colour and appearance may occur due to the nature of the craftsmanship of this handmade product. **

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