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If you have green thumbs, you already know how to nurture a plant, a lot about plant parenthood and how to grow practically anything. Now here's a way to get rid of at least one of your worries... making your own Macramé hanging baskets.

Plant hangers are so on-trend but they can be extremely difficult to make yourself! So imagine this: save time, money and your sanity with our ready-made handcrafted set of 4 hanging planters. You've got better things to do other than getting tangled in a knot, so you can go back to what really matters, plant parenthood.

Nestled in beautifully knotted rope and securely suspended above the ground, your prized plants and seedlings have their very own safe haven to grow and thrive, away from your hungry pets and children's curious fingers, they're guaranteed to be a unique feature for any home, office or outdoor space. Your very own urban jungle 🌱

Don't take our word for it, see some inspiration and how our customers are jumping on the trend below.

  • This set includes 4 plant hangers each one in a different design and handmade with love
  • Crafted from 100% Cotton a durable and sustainable material, which means you will not need to keep replacing tired and weak hangers
  • Safe from pets and children so no more breakages or soil all over the floor
  • Approx. lengths: 35” inches  | 40” inches | 49” inches | 67” inches
  • Perfect for plant pots between 6" - 10" in diameter
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use. These sturdy pot holders are ready to hang by your bay window, patio door, curtain rod, in your home or on your porch. 

Color: Beige/Off White

Plants and pots not supplied. Slight variations in colour and appearance may occur due to the nature of craftsmanship of this handmade product.

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