From planes, to trains, to automobiles, when orders ship all over the world they leave an unavoidable carbon footprint. That’s why we made carbon offset a priority for So Health Co.

Climate change is happening now, and everyone is responsible for playing their part, including us. Changing weather is creating instability in eco-systems worldwide and they will only worsen unless we act now.

That's why we've committed to neutralising our carbon footprint and we're initially going to do this by neutralising our shipping emissions.

Every time you shop with us, we offset the carbon emissions of your order’s delivery through tree protection projects.

We work with Pachama, experts in using carbon offsets to prevent deforestation around the world. Pachama’s projects are certified to comply with best-in-class protocols and standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard. Pachama verifies that the projects we invest in have the positive environmental impact necessary to offset the carbon emissions from your deliveries. Pachama also makes sure that its carbon offset projects protect endangered forests, which means trees that are in danger of being cut down and used in a way that would release carbon into the atmosphere.

Projects include the highly successful reforestation of forest land and animal's natural habitats giving one of our best opportunities to reverse the damage we've already done.

How your carbon offsets are calculated

The carbon emissions are estimated based on transportation method, package weight, and delivery distance:

  • Transportation method - We calculate the speed of the delivery based on the time between checkpoints, and then select the most logical transportation method between long flight, short flight, or truck. Each transportation method is associated with a different level of carbon emissions.

  • Package weight - We use the measured weight of a package when it’s available, and if it’s not, we use an average shipment weight.

  • Delivery distance - We use the shipping address, delivery address, and any checkpoints in between to estimate the distance that the delivery travels, then we use the haversine formula to calculate the distance between pairs of latitudinal and longitudinal points.

The average tree seedling in the rainforest captures about 1 kg or 2 lbs of carbon. We use this calculation to determine the number of trees we need to protect to offset the delivery of your order, and we always round up to at least one tree.



Order with Shop Pay to offset carbon emissions for free*

In addition to our own carbon offsetting contributions, each time you order with us using Shop Pay you can rest easy knowing our merchant system (Shopify) will also offset the carbon emissions for shipping your order. 

Less guilt. Double the offset.

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