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Life suddenly changed and you’ve found yourself at home a lot more? We get it, us too. You still want to make your home - more - home though. Whether you’re living and working in a studio through to a town house, we’re going to give you the secret to; transforming your home in 5 easy steps.

1. The single most biggest impact you can have on your space, with the least effort is introducing some unusual colour combinations. Think vibrant yellow and gravel grey. Be brave - you can’t get it wrong, and if it looks unusual, well that’s the idea ... 

Add some yellow cushion covers to your ordinary room. 

2. Add a little bit of gold. That’s right, gold (or brass) they’re very similar in hue but it adds an elegant shimmer to any space, especially surrounded by wood and second hand furniture.

Like this Glossy Jewellery Tray 

Glossy Jewellery Tray


3. Grow some plants. Stock up on some vases filled with beautiful flowers, go subtle with the variety though, we recommend keeping the flower heads to a single shade that way you can easily blend it into any area.

4. Pick your dinnerware carefully, simple and plain is great when you’ve just moved in; as soon as you become settled though you need your own signature dishes. It will keep your table looking good and if you’re living in a studio, it will help separate your kitchen from the bedroom.

5. Our final tip is to invest in some small figurines that you can put in open spaces; go wild when doing this, literally; look at our these cute Rhinos transform your home. Hey Dr Doolittle!

Transforming your home in 5 easy steps

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