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Let's be clear; our mental health is important to keep us happy and content. Though our physical health is what keeps us breathing and moving.

Plants are more than just home decor, they can be amazing for your health too. These tropical plants cultivated to be grown indoors have great healing properties which might go far in keeping you fighting fit - especially when viruses scientists have never heard of before begin to emerge.

This article looks at the top 5 houseplants for physical health, absorbing airborne toxins, purifying the air and adjusting the humidity of a room. 

Top 5 plants for improving your physical health

Mother-In-Law's Tongue

A bit like your own mother-in-law these plants are super tough and resilient to neglect. Each expansive leaf has tiny pores that take in and expel bad gasses. Plants breathe in CO2 and at the same time this beauty also takes in the toxins floating around the room too.

Great for anyone who has asthma or is generally allergic to well, the air.

Top 5 plants for improving your physical health

Calathea Medallion 

Ever been to South America? In the grounds of the humid rainforests, you'll likely find a Calathea Medallion, these plants are great at boosting humidity in dry rooms.

Top 5 plants for improving your physical health

Blue Star Fern | Phelbodium Aureum

Like the Calathea the Blue Star Fern is native to South American rain-forests and great at boosting humidity. When kept together in pairs or more fern plants can really create a pleasant appearance.

Top 5 plants for improving your physical health

Areca Palm | Dypsis Lutscens

Dubbed one of the best plants for relieving dry skin in Winter, the Areca Palm is thirsty, all the time. Compared to other plants these little guy loves a drink and all that water needs to go somewhere. Through transpiration, the water drank then humidifies the air around it.

Top 5 plants for improving your physical health

Wandering Dude Violet | Tradescantia Zebrina 'Violet'

Unlike the other plants in our list, this little guy doesn't stand tall but that doesn't mean it's not great at humidifying the air. In fact, its foliage has a larger surface area than the others and that means it's able to absorb more of the harmful toxins floating around your home.

Let's look at the facts

Air purification is especially important in environments like offices, where fresh air doesn’t come in often, as well as in heavily polluted areas.

Tropical plants (some more so than others) help to boost the humidity in the air, which can help boost immunity as well as relieving dry skin conditions.

Respiratory health can be greatly improved by humidity, and it's especially important if you live or work in an air-conditioned space. Such environments have a drying effect on our skin and airwaves, which can cause psoriasis flare-ups and respiratory irritation. These humidifiers will not only allow you to breathe more easily and reduce the ill-effects of artificially-controlled spaces.

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