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Macramé hanging baskets or hanging planters whichever phrase you prefer is a trend that is being reborn, it originated from the 1970s when our earlier generations decorated their indoor or outdoor gardens with hanging plants. 

Here's our list of the Top 3 Macrame Hanging Baskets you need to buy in 2020.

4 Pack - Macrame Hanging Baskets

For the best overall value macramé plant hanger, we'd recommend going straight in with our set of 4 macramé hanging baskets

If you don't know where to start in creating your very own indoor garden but keen to press on with hanging your favourite plants, then this product is ideal. In 4 unique patterns and handcrafted with 100% cotton they're both durable and environmentally friendly.

Place them all together to really create a statement or locate them in different rooms if you want to spread the look from room to room.

Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger 

Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

Now, if you really want to drive home nostalgic vibes, these vintage macramé plant hangers are exactly what you need. 

Best for budget; this rustic look is created by combining both Cotton and Hemp which are both plant fibres to intwine into a truly vintage look. Whilst our set of . plant baskets are the go-to for most beginners, this hanger is sold individually so you can really get creative with which style you go for!

Macrame Tapestry

Macrame Tapestry Basket

Best to hang on the wall; our macramé tapestry basket will make a statement in any wall it suspends on.

It's a simple yet impressive design when it comes to macramé, as those knots take some serious concentration. This boho-chic hanger features a tightly knotted macramé descending from a wooden rod, into a braided basket capable of displaying your favourite succulents proudly. 

Best Overall - 4 Pack Macrame Hanging Baskets

Best Budget - Vintage Macrame Hanging Basket

Best to Hang on the Wall - Macrame Tapestry


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