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It is day 100000002 of the quarantine chronicles (seems like it), most of us are still at home, cooped up whilst the sun is shining and the world is resetting. I’m sure we can all agree that this is a weird place for everyone at the moment that's why I've pulled together this article; How to work from home: 11 tips to stay productive and focused (and sane!)

Motivation and keeping motivated during quarantine has personally been a challenging process. If I could be a gold medalist at anything it would probably be for procrastination, let’s be serious I don’t even know what day it is anymore!

For those of you who are excelling from working from home, well done! And for those of you like myself who may be struggling here is a few tips and tricks to guide you to a better productivity level.

1. First and foremost make sure you aim for a structured normal sleeping pattern of 8hours. You must catch those zzz or you might find your self napping behind the laptop. If you find waking up super early is difficult, especially now that your sleeping pattern might be changing, organise a “work” bedtime schedule from home so you build a routine for yourself. If you find that going to bed early is challenging, try relaxing in a bath with relaxing oils or listen to some calming music, this has definitely helped me fall asleep.

2. Organise your week ahead, it is so important to create a weekly schedule for your self so you can even out the workload. If you have a light workload, even out the tasks across the week accordingly so you have dedicated time for other house activities or chores. As for those with a larger workload, the same applies just make sure to leave your workspace now and again for fresh air and a walk to reset the mind frame. Whilst keeping your 2m distance of course!
Blankets & throws

3. Lighting is everything as it creates a more positive atmosphere and keeps you focused.  As the summer days are dawning upon us, grab a seat by a window and let that sunshine through or get out in the garden if you have one. The change of environment with added lighting will definitely boost productivity and release an enlightened state of mind.
If you don't have a window or garden, you'll need to improvise with the space you have. Use bright and neutral colours to brighten up space. I find these blankets & throws do the job.
4. Hydration is so important, YES! Hydration is still very important even whilst at home.  Make sure that you always have with your coffee and tea a jug with water too! Healthy body, happy mind. 

5. Write your daily tasks in a notebook and mark them off as you complete each task. Personally, when something is crossed off it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I find it particularly helpful when juggling multiple tasks and keeping on top of everything.

6. Plants and decor are everything, it is great to have space with bright coloured decor or alternatively a plant or two in your environment. Plants are great to look at as well as being a  symbol of growth, as you have to nurture it and your self at the same time.
Try creating your own indoor jungle with macramé hanging baskets.

7. The environment is everything if you have any clutter or a messy working environment rest assured subconsciously your mind won’t feel at ease until you've cleared it. This will lower productivity levels whilst working, so most importantly,  every morning when you get up, make sure to clear your working area for a fresher mind and working ethic too!

8. Fragrances of the environment are important too, crack a window open let the breeze in or burn some sage, incense whatever your go-to is. Let the scent of motivation take over as it will help you to relax, ease and motivate your mind.

9. Mozart, was one of my biggest motivators at university during completing assignments. If you find you are having a mental block or silence isn’t for you, try listening to classical music as I find it calms, relaxes and opens up the mind for a better productivity level.

10. Colleague check, yes we are all quarantined but make sure to have regular briefings or video calls with your colleagues. This can be for pleasure or business but either way, it’s great to keep each other motivated during these times. Besides all from the comfort of your PJs and a glass of fine wine.

11. If you've followed my advice so far, you will have been a busy, thriving bee all week! It’s time for a reward! The key to keep motivated is knowing that your hard work will earn you something in return.  If that means more chocolate then usual, a movie marathon or online shopping, set goals for your working week. The reward system works wonders as the reward will feel much sweeter because you have earned it!

I hope that you find some use of the tips above, I definitely have seen improvements in my work routine. Always remember each day is a new day and we just have to keep focused, determined and strong. You can do it!

Keep motivated, keep productive as in good time once the world has restored you'll have a better outlook on how to keep motivated and a brilliant work ethic wherever you are!

Stay safe and have a great day.
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