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Isn’t it ‘love’ly, the time of year where love birds across the world come together to celebrate their admiration and utmost devotion towards each other. Yawn. It's time You Do You.

Don’t get me wrong if your single it can appear daunting, to say the least, but it’s not the end of the world or that terrible, I promise you.

Self-care and peace of mind is so crucial in a generation that is massively exposed to an expectation of what they should be rather than appreciating and enjoying what they are.

So, I ask you, who are you when no one is watching?

Furthermore, are you happy? …  

If you find you are questioning yourself, then today my sweet soul we can change that and help make your life one step closer to a happier and more positive world. 

Inspired by the Valentines on the 14th of February, here are 14 ways to increase positivity, wellbeing and self-care in your life.  

1. Meditate

Meditation is known for controlling anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, reducing stress levels as well as many other positive attributes. If you find that you don’t have time in your busy schedule, start small from 1 minute per day, working your way up to 10.

Top tip, oil diffusers are great to help you relax. 

2. Mood board

In life we sometimes find ourselves at a halt, whether that is with our career, family, physical etc. Creating a mood board with the goals you would like to achieve over time can help you map out a long term plan, it also helps ease anxiety and is quite a fun process too.

3. Reading

We are blessed with a

plethora of various styles of reading material, from education through to novels, the world is your oyster. Reading can really help you expand your thinking and also educate you in many ways too.

If you’re feeling really inspired it could enable you to write your own material too. 

4. Put that phone down!  

Go explore, wherever you are in the world there is so much to be seen, even if it is just a walk to your local park you never know what adventures you may find along your way. Besides walking, either with yourself or with a buddy it has great benefits mentally and physically, it enables you to freshen your mind and focus on what really matters.

5. Gardening

Whether you live in an apartment or house, horticulture has mentally healing effects and the benefits can be quite calming and fruitful! 

I'm absolutely in love with hanging baskets at the moment, so if you're keen to get involved this 4 pack of Macramé hanging baskets is perfect.

6. Cooking

If writing isn’t your forte, maybe a culinary art form is more of your calling. Get your chef on and indulge in the creation of food and nothing says self-development like expanding your pallet and knowledge in the world of spices.

7. Volunteering

Helping others is a rewarding feeling and nothing feels better then knowing you have made someone smile, whether it is someone in a hospice, care home or even a furry friend in an animal shelter, if that is your thing, it will totally change your perspective and appreciation towards life. 

8. Join a club or society

If you’re not the sporty type but feel like you need companionship, there are many different outlets to be a part of and nothing says support like a group of people with like-minded thoughts or beliefs. 

9. Learn a new language

If you are intrigued by other cultures and cuisines then take up an extra language in your spare time, yes, I know some are more difficult than others, but nothing is impossible. 6 months from now you could find yourself saying hello, bonjour, guten tag, hola like it's your mother tongue.

10. Family activities

Engaging in group activities with your nearest and dearest are some of life’s most treasured moments. Whether its spending the day with children, feeding the chickens with grandparents, make sure you enjoy these moments, we all know life can be short sometimes.

11. Engage in poetry

Creative writing is notoriously known for expanding your thinking and thought process. When you are feeling a certain way, happy or sad write it down! Create some beautiful art, appreciate those feelings and embrace the passion it gave you to express yourself. 

12. Pamper your self

No matter how low or high your budget may be, there is always time for some self-care. Whether this is running a hot bath with some candles or getting a facial / massage, for example, these are crucial for making you feel refreshed and reborn.

So Health Co has a great collection of self-care products to get you started. 

13. Exercise

Yes! You heard me, exercise opens and releases great endorphins. If you’re not an avid gym-goer or you are limited in time, there are some really great short exercises you can do at no cost and at home if you find it more comfortable. 

14. Learn to love yourself

Most importantly learn to love yourself in every single way, look in that mirror and focus on all the attributes that make you unique, always be unapologetically yourself and own it. 

Final words

Sometimes in life we get so tied up in our busy day to day to schedules whether it being in work, family, personal struggles that we forget to focus on ourselves, because sometimes in order to be a selfless ray of sunshine you also have to be selfish.

The moral is you do you, make yourself happy and be your own sunshine.

So, whether it’s Valentine’s day or any regular day of the week the key element is that you have searched deep within yourself, expanded your knowledge, learned something new on the way and most importantly created a positive impact in your life.

Now whether you are celebrating Valentines this year alone, with a partner or friends, the importance is that you have made the right positive steps towards a happier self.

You do you.

Happy You day.


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